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History of 2009

January 24, 2009

I would like to start this first update of 2009 with a special thanks to Michaël Châteauneuf. His name is already mentionned in the Acknowledgement page, but his help has been on a regular basis since the very start almost 3 years ago. Even thought I (Pierre) am the one physically doing the updates, he has always been feeding me with good ideas and pointed a lot of little mistakes here and there. Thanks again Mike.

And thanks to you too. 500 hits a month for a 19 year old game is relatively good! Now, lets go on with the last changes.

  • Replace a picture in PreCaptive page and rearranged the text a little
  • Specify password syllables that are specifically for planet probe computer passwords in Miscellaneous page
  • New medium bug about having pemanent explosion items
  • New item weight tables
  • Clarify in MapGen's "Filling Solo Holes" that "Map 32" is actually "Map of seed 32"
February 21, 2009
  • Confirm the theory about the experience points displayed on the skills screen
  • Remove the "spaygun" remark on the skills page since it's now already mentionned in the bugs page
  • New sound priority table
  • Specify the maximum distance range of each weapon type
  • Add a small bug about the infobox writing "Landing successful" when the lander hasn't landed
  • Change "4 options" to "5 options" in Shop menu. Now including "Call Again Later" as an option.
  • Gone through the site and corrected lots of things here and there
March 21, 2009
  • Improve the menu
  • Add new "Technical" section in the menu for technical details of Captive. Add new "Disk Directory" section.
  • Specify that a "Super Ball" item provides more damage than a standard Ball
  • Change the number of Iris door combinations from 26 to 24
  • Specify the amount of electricity provided by a power socket in the Weapons page
  • Clarify the password syllables in the Miscellaneous page
  • Add new logic bug regarding exploding Zlots leaving the explosion into the hand
April 19, 2009
  • New technical page about how encounters are drawn
  • Mention that the Fed_Credits file gives music credits even though there's no music in the Atari version. Also mention this in the Bugs page.
  • Align the wall panel screenshot on "Did you know?" page with the rest of the screenshots
  • Specify that a fighting skill higher than 24 is useless
  • Define the planets/moons syllables in Miscellaneous page
  • Change "View without a Tindron head" in "Droid Parts" page. No head means no view at all!
  • Swap the "Private Parts" and "Tindron View" sections of "Droid Parts" page to keep the flow with the first section.
May 17, 2009
  • Specify that the recharger Dev-Scape adds 1500 units of electricity at each cycle
  • Add undocumented feature about how to instantly drop the entire inventory of a droid onto the floor
  • Change "Beige" to "White" in inventory in order to follow what the documentation says
  • New table of item prices
  • Remove the statement that the SuperCC tool might need to be restarted after loading a new snapshot in Steem
  • Reclassify the threat level of some encounters
  • Mention the fact that 957 graphics are handled by the game in the Directory page (under fed8.pic)
  • Clarify the definition of an automatic door in the Bugs page (logic bug regarding the maximum of 4 doors)
  • Gone through the site and corrected lots of things here and there
June 20, 2009
  • Change information about skills appearing once skill 8 is reached. It's actually skill 9.
  • Remove weapon names next to "Brawling" in Skills page
  • Specify that not having enough skills to use a weapon prevents you from using it completely
  • Add a table of keyboard keys with their related action in the Movements page
  • New serious bug regarding a crash that occurs when droids are killed while being in space
  • Give more information regarding directory files Fed3-A and Fed3-B pictures
  • Change the meaning of the alternate "Guru" message on the "Did you know?" page
  • Resample the small Amiga screenshot in "About A.Crowther" page. It was fuzzy.
July 19, 2009
  • Restructure the entire site. The change should be invisible to you (except for those who were linking directly to the history page), but it's much cleaner to me and easier to maintain.
  • Give more detail on how to use the explosives item to destroy a base
  • Add an asterisk next to the Hunter weapon in the damage table to indicate that the specified value is per bullet
  • New logic bug about not being able to deploy mines at any location the player wants
  • New technical page regarding flying items
  • Expand the "Federation War" section on "Did you know?" to mention the name "Project X"
  • Change the black color of all encounter images to perfect black
  • Update the SuperCC tool to version 2.6
August 22, 2009
  • Change all image rips on the disk directory page from the Amiga version to the Atari version. After all, our host is even if the Amiga graphics are better.
  • Remove the statement on the disk directory page that says a useless graphic was made for droids standing on fire. It can happen when the droids are on the exploding path of the generators.
  • Give a lot more details on remote control button functions
  • Provide the formula in clear text on the "Deactivation Delay" section of the weapons page
  • New medium bug about flying items passing through encounters
  • Add a note on how the programmer wrote the game for the Atari (last paragraph)
September 20, 2009
  • Move the drainage multiplication info into the drainage description instead of having it at the end of the droid parts protection values
  • Fix the colors of the "Save Game" disk screenshot
  • New small bug regarding the "Disk has revealed a base" message being written too late
  • New technical section about the internal graphics
  • Specify that gold bags items can be merged together
  • Add a television commercial that was made for the toy that inspired the Gobot encounter in the "Did you know?" section
  • Add a third way to bring the skill screen. Also changed the inventory section to start the same way as the skill section.
October 19, 2009
  • Add two more ways to show the inventory
  • New section in droid parts about the view from damaged heads
  • Booster weapon was mentionning that it can hit any encounter in front of it. Add the note that this is true if the encounter is at the same height as the droids.
  • Specify that a base must have at least 7 shops to provide spraygun material
  • New encounter formation section
  • Give the list of items that can be sold at a shop
  • New logic bug about the droids not being visible in the camera real view
November 21, 2009
  • Clarify the purpose of the Deflector Dev-Scape
  • In Miscellaneous, remove the "Special screenshots" heading and "Don't buy a mine..." funny screenshot. Also make the "Clipboard password" and "Strangest base" level 2 headings.
  • Add new FAQ about a future version of Captive
  • New technical page regarding the Holamap
  • Add a new medium bug about moving Gunners
  • Move the demo section from the Pre-Captive page to the Release Information page. Took the opportunity to add a few additional details.
December 20, 2009
  • Rename the "Clipboard password" section header in the Miscellaneous page to "Word generator" because it wasn't appropriate for the part where it talks about planet/moon names.
  • Add "Camera" to the list of items a shop can buy back
  • New logic bug about the light generated by the Bug encounter while being over a hole
  • Add the missing left line on the graphics of the hands on the Hands and Weapons pages
  • Move the "Loading restraint" FAQ to the Disk page
  • Remove the "Did you know?" entry about the Holamap having a playground of 20480 x 20480 pixels since it's now mentionned in the Holamap dedicated page