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Doors are randomly placed in the map to create a more interactive environment. There are different type of doors and now is a good time to create them.

Elevator doors

Up to now, elevator doors have only been temporary doors. I don't know why they haven't been the right doors when the generator created the elevators, but I'm sure the programmer had a good reason. The first thing this step does is to replace all of them with the right doors.

Door location and type

The generator makes 300 attempts to find good places to create doors. The spot has to be a completely free cell (no encounter, no ladder, no puzzle blocking artifact, etc.) and must also be between 2 walls specifically located on each size of the floor.

When a good spot has been found, a random type is selected. For the first map, punchable doors are replaced with doors that have a button to make a newbie's life a little easier!

Iris doors

An iris door is locked with a combination. There are 24 different combinations possible for a maximum of 8 iris doors.

Laser doors

A laser door is protected by a computer password given by a "Door Man". From the position of the door, the generator uses the root directions to go back 1 cell hoping to find a suitable place for the computer. If that cell is totally free and next to at least 1 wall that can be modified, the generator is ready to create the "Door Man". If it's not valid, the generator will try to move 1 more cell back to see if this one is valid, but not further than that because we don't want the computer to be too far away from the door.

Using again the root directions, the generator goes back between 3 and 18 cells from the location of the door. If the reached cell is valid, the "Door Man" is created and the map is modified. A maximum of 8 laser doors can be created.

Other doors

Blue doors, punchable doors and doors with a button don't need any specific treatment. If they fit the cell, they're created.

Move the mouse pointer over the image to view the map before the change.