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Filling Solo Holes

While creating the floors, it is possible that the generator has created small dead ends that do nothing more than remove smoothness from corridors. This step is to add walls to most of these solo holes.

To find these holes, the generator goes through every cell of the map from top to bottom, left to right. When it finds a floor cell surrounded by 3 walls, it is considered a dead end. At this point, it randomly decides if it will attempt to fill that dead end or skip to the next. If it decides to fill it, the next question is to know if it's considered a solo hole or just a dead end.

The difference lies in the cell facing the dead end. To reach the facing cell, the generator looks at the direction required to reach the root.

  • If the facing cell is surrounded by 3 walls, it means it's a dead end itself (surely a ladder or elevator entrance), so we will obviously not fill the hole as it would defeat the purpose of having a ladder or elevator going there. In the next graphics, "SH" is the location of the solo hole and the red squares are the observed walls.

  • If the facing cell has 2 walls, it means it's a '|' or 'L' shape. Filling the hole would only create another dead end and would be pointless.

  • If the facing cell has less than 2 walls, it means it's a 'T' or '+' shape. It is considered appropriate to close that hole.

Once done, we have a smoother looking base. In the following image, the red cells are walls that were added by the operation.

As the player advances in the game, less solo holes are filled in order to increase maps complexity up to seed 32 after which they don't get this treatment at all. Just for this example alone, I enabled it for our map of seed 179.