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History of 2008

January 23, 2008
  • Started to archive the history. Only the last 12 months will now remain on this page.
  • Add bug of space station 3613.
  • Add more breathing room around text of weapons to make it easier to read .
  • Add power sockets in the list of walls and weapons.
  • Add more stuff on the "Did you know?" page (pictures and "Federation War" info) .
  • Change text on scans page that says the second floppy is never asked. It's not entirely true.
February 23, 2008
  • Change "Lifting door" to "Raiser wall", and "Sliding door" to "Door" on legend of Mapper Optic.
  • Specify that the quality of a Tindron head has effect on its view in the droid parts section.
  • Add droid chip in the list of items.
  • Remove the mouse cursor from the screenshot of MapGen in tools section.
  • New MaxSkill tool.
  • Shrink the size of the Lock Decoder screenshot in half in the tools section.
  • Fix discrepancy between history page and bugs page about space station 3613 (thanks Andrea!)
  • Minor changes here and there to map generator section, except perhaps for the floor creation page that has new graphics to better explain the creation of random rooms.
  • Move 2 "Serious" bugs into the "Medium" section for the PC version of Captive (infinite electricity bolts and die sometimes not working) .
  • Clarify what a weapon quality is used for.
  • Add protection notes about regular shields and fire-shields Dev-Scapes.
  • Specify that a die item will not work on Trill doors.
  • Mention the trick of throwing a Ball/SuperBall item from the weapon section to have one automatically placed in the hand from the inventory.
  • Add the tip of clicking directly on the shopkeeper to go back in the chain of menu sequence.
  • Indicate when personal skills (dexterity, vitality and wisdom) increase.
  • Add the section "Logic" in the list of bugs.
March 18, 2008
  • Indicate how much money is given for some items sold a shop.
  • Indicate that dice don't work on base entrances in the items section.
  • Specify that you can toggle between the inventory and skills of a droid by clicking its name while either one of them is displayed.
  • Mention that fireballs fired from "TV Guns" encounters will detonate mines.
  • Add the fact that a camera can travel on fire.
  • Add doors as a form of weapon.
  • Add bug of an item being dropped above a ladder leading up and down (thanks Mike!)
  • Explain my theory why the displayed experience is not more than 65,535 even though it can get much higher than this.
  • Mention that the more greaser Dev-Scape you have, the easier you will walk under heavy weight.
  • Add droids icon in the legend of outside mapper Optics icons.
  • Remove IE7 menu problem notice in Links page. Long live Firefox :)
  • Remove FreeCap link in the Links page. I knew this wouldn't go anywhere.
  • Rename "water fountain" to "fire hydrant" in the miscellaneous page.
  • Change the maximum flying items from 16 to 32 in the "Did you know?" page.
April 23, 2008
  • Add logic bug about the exploding generators following the root path.
  • Add price of the map item when sold at a shop.
  • Mention that bolts of R2D2 encounters detonate mines.
  • Remove theory of "TV Guns" fireballs flying under doors. It's illogical to say that for iris doors.
  • Use "Weak", "Average" and "Strong" to describe door crushing factor insetad of "1", "2" and "3".
  • Remove a little blue box generated by Steem on the screenshot of "Encounters in solid rock" of the miscellaneous page. This has also been added as a bug. Finally, invite the reader to read the map generation section to understand the concept of floors in Captive.
  • Remove the "2 Ladders" in the miscellaneous page It's not THAT rare to be worth mentionning.
  • Talk about the weight and supported weight information in the inventory screen.
May 19, 2008
  • Specify that "Track Ball" and "Floater" encounters also detonate mines with their electric bolts.
  • New logic bug about fire hydrants not extinguishing fire.
  • Add new theory about the mysterious Guru message on the FAQ page.
  • Change "roughly converted to C" in the map generator introduction page. It's fully converted to C++!
  • Explain what is considered an empty base in the "Placing Generators" page of the map generator section.
  • In the weapon page, indicate that electricity in a charged hand slowly drains even if unused.
June 20, 2008
  • New "Pre-Captive" section.
  • Move "Miscellaneous" under "FAQ" in the menu.
  • Confirm the bug about the experience points wrapping back to 0. Been meaning to verify this for months!
  • Mention that the MapGen bug is fixed in the integrated version of SuperCC.
  • Say what happens when a droid is using a droid part without having enough skills for it.
  • New damage table in the weapon section.
  • Talk about Zlots in the weapon section.
July 20, 2008
  • Inverse the order of months in history. No need to scroll at the bottom anymore to see if anything has changed.
  • Update the image of the planet probe and Ratt message items.
  • Change the image of DigDug in the map generator section. Previous version was too fuzzy.
  • Add "Punch" as a brawling weapon. This one was somehow left out!
  • Specify that the hand deactivation delay is shorter with high quality weapons.
  • Remove the "Weak", "Average" and "Strong" factor for doors in the weapon section and change it to a fix damage value.
  • New "Electricity Cost" column in Dev-Scapes and Optics tables.
  • Modify some elements of the mapper optic legends.
  • Rename "Power Zapper" Dev-Scape to "Power Sapper".
  • Add the switch activation medium bug (good catch Mike!)
August 17, 2008
  • Move the history archive links at the bottom of this list
  • Convert introduction graphics (title and suitase) from PNG to JPG files to increase loading speed
  • The mystery of the second floppy disk on the Atari ST has been solved. See the scan page for details.
  • Change the name of the "Punch" weapon to "Fist"
  • New weapon deactivation delay table
  • Add an asterisk next to "Twin Cannon" in the damage table to specify the value is per boulder
  • Correct the total amount from the trick of selling clipboards on the first planet
  • Explain in the "Did you know?" page what Ratt-DOS does and also explain why the screen turns red and green when booting Captive
  • Add that devices must be offline in order for sleeping to not reduce electricity. Also add the same remark in the "Tips and Tricks" page.
  • Add the PC medium bug about maps being only "Basic".
  • Correct the size of saved games from 15,050 bytes to 14,990 bytes.
  • Update SuperCC tool to version 2.4
September 20, 2008
  • New sound page
  • Remove section "Encounters in solid rock" on Miscellaneous page. It's already mentionned in the bug page.
  • Explain on the walls page that grate traps unlockers are initially pushed in on base 2 and 3
  • Add arrows to move from screen to screen in the storyboard
  • Mention the alternative "Guru Message" in the "Did you know?" page
  • Add the note regarding the snake encounter being the only one not generating a sound when attacking
  • Specify that the mapper optic is 11 x 7
  • For the supported weight written in the inventory, add that a part with low health will only support 1 kg
  • Add keyboard click small bug
October 19, 2008
  • Improved the droid parts page by adding part specifications
  • Remove "from droid" in sound description of "Electric Bolt". It's the same sound generated by some encounters too (ie. R2D2).
  • Swap "Tripos" and "Diplocus" in the sound page
  • Clarify the reason for the different explosion sounds (same reason as the elevator sounds)
  • New "Did you know?" entry regarding the text around the Holamap
  • Many new bugs related to the elevators
  • Mention that the strength of an exploded camera is related to the dexterity of the leader
  • Update SuperCC tool
November 22, 2008
  • New "Base Skills" section in encounters page
  • Specify the actual damage inflicted when touching water outside a base in the FAQ page
  • Rename the "Scans" page to "Release Information". Add new section "Changes from 1.0 to 1.2".
  • Add the presence of the "Message From Ratt" on Butre when starting a new game
  • New logic bug about not being able to open more than 4 automatic doors
  • Double the size of the large raytraced camera image
December 28, 2008
  • New doors page
  • Improve the "Filling Solo Holes" section of the map generator by making the little images the same height and by making the added cells red to see what was actually changed
  • Add images to visually explain how the root path is generated in the map generator
  • Add a new bug regarding grass power! (thanks David!)
  • Made a correction in the bugs page about mission 3613 not having "a Trill". It sounded as if Trill was an object.
  • Add new fact about the number of planets/moons in "Did you know?" page
  • Remove the MapGen doors statement regarding an index keeping track of iris door combinations for uniqueness (thanks Chuck!)
  • Remove the FAQ instructions on how to play Captive on a PC since "Home of the Underdogs" no longer offer the download (thanks Thomy!)