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History of 2010

January 23, 2010
  • Make the encounter's "Base Skills" table sortable
  • Provide a theory about the release of Captive 1.1
  • Add a little extra note for Zlot weapons to specify they look exactly like their original counterpart
  • New page for the preferences screen
  • New small bug about the droids being able to change floor levels while sleeping
  • Specify that new battery items have an initial charge of 25%
  • Clarify when Fed2 graphic sets are used
February 20, 2010

The site has been added to the hosted sites list. If you wish to rate it, click this link, click the "Rate it" link and follow the instructions at the bottom of your browser.

  • Give a better explanation to encounter's formation images
  • Mention that MapGen is called "Architect"
  • Explain why the punching skill doesn't go higher than 8
  • New technical section about the fire hydrants
  • Remove "Blue doors bounce back weapon discharges" section in miscellaneous page since it is already mentionned in the doors page
  • Add new "Explosing base" section in the miscellaneous page
  • New medium bug regarding the Deflector not doing its job properly
  • Add balls to the list of weapons
March 20, 2010
  • Add new section on the miscellaneous page regarding dark areas
  • Include the title screen in the list of release version differences
  • Specify that shop items sold or fixed have different values or prices if the shopkeeper has the item in stock or not
  • Add to the "Change level while sleeping" bug that the same also occurs while being in a shop
  • New small typo bug "Droid's have failed" (not sure if typos should fall in the bug category... hmm!)
  • Add the disk checksums to the disk directory page
  • Mention the possibility of interacting with monitors depending on the device used
April 18, 2010
  • Invite the reader to see the "Flying Items" page to understand what "moves twice per floor cell" means in the weapons page
  • Remove the balls in the items page since their only main purpose is to be used as weapons
  • New section that lists all the skill costs
  • Add the internal graphic of the "Insert Disk Two" image
  • Specify in the "How to start a game" page that the spaceship is called "Swan"
  • New logic bug about the view of back droids being blocked by the droids in front
May 22, 2010 A new page has been created on Facebook for Captive. Join us and share your thoughts on the discussion board.
  • Add an entry in the FAQ regarding the lander not landing on a space station
  • Provide images to visually explain the purpose of the last remote control button
  • New small bug about the infobox messages not getting through while sleeping in space
  • Make the "Item Weight" and "Item Price" tables sortable
  • Add the shapes of the planet probe and lander in the Holamap technical page
  • Change the layout of the walls page to look like the doors page
June 20, 2010
  • Describe the power/life bars in the inventory
  • Add a note regarding color index 0 in the preferences
  • Specify the amount of electricity removed from a battery item when recharging a chest
  • New credits section in the release information page
  • Add a Facebook link logo on the introduction page
July 24, 2010
  • New technical page about how the view is rendered
  • Add a logic bug regarding exploding generators
  • Specify that Zlots are twice the weight of their corresponding original weapon
  • Indicate that a maximum of 4 raiser walls can simultaneously be opened
  • Release version 2.7 of the SuperCC tool
  • Mention that the shopkeeper's left hand be free of items before a transaction
August 23, 2010
  • Define a shootable blockage in the wall page
  • New small bug about camera not being visible on dark area cells
  • Add a section in the Sounds technical page about stereophonic sounds
  • Provide a list of Zlots code name with their equivalent regular weapon name
  • Add new info about raiser walls versus fire hydrants
September 19, 2010
  • Add images of movie characters that inspired some of Captive's encounters on "Did you know?" page
  • Indicate how the Root Finder optic device works outside a base
  • New small bug regarding walls not being drawn behind wall holes
  • Release version 2.8 of the SuperCC tool
  • Fix missing demo end screenshot in FAQ page
  • Specify the sequence played during the case animation
October 20, 2010 On the 11th of October 1990, the Amiga Format magazine released the official demo of Captive. Since this day, the game has been available to the public and marked the birth of an awesome game. That was 20 years ago and a celebration stamp will remain on the title screen for a year.
  • New info about Ratt-DOS packing/unpacking saved games on "Did you know?" page
  • New small bug regarding lander placed on base entrance door or middle of the base
  • Provide a Steem snapshot of the original Butre map with its original floor sections
  • Expand the weapon deactivation delay table by writing all the possible values
  • Describe basic encounter intelligence
  • Release version 2.8.1 of the SuperCC tool
  • Replace "Bush" to "Evergreen" whenever talking about outside worlds
November 21, 2010
  • Correct some data on the weapon deactivation delay
  • Mention that skills increase not only when providing damage, but also when receiving damage
  • New technical page about the generation of land outside a base
  • Add more movement info than "Nothing" about the usefulness of the pyramid while on land
  • New small bug about not being able to pick up the camera while it's in a door frame
December 19, 2010
  • Adjust some issues with the page regarding outside world generations
    • Everygreens are not created all around the base entrance
    • Skipping an encounters on an invalid cell goes to the next encounter and not skipping the process completely
  • Expand the explaination of inventory display selection buttons
  • New small bug about the play screen being displayed upside-up while using the Anti-grav and the Guru message pops up
  • Mention that experience points used for the skills increases upon any droid action