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History of 2007

January 5, 2007
  • Removed the text that says that walls with balls must not have encounters behind to be able to push it. The program does not allow anything to go in at area anyway, so it's useless to mention it.
  • Replaced all "Dev-scape" text to "Dev-Scape". Some were "DevScape", "Dev-scape", "Dev-Scape", etc.
  • Linked the original manual page to the "Loading restraint" section of the FAQ.
  • Hint to shoot doors that seem impossible to open now also hints to punch it to save ammunitions in FAQ.
  • Listed the problems with the PC version of Captive in the FAQ.
  • Added the name of Antony's brother in "About Antony Crowther"
February 21, 2007
  • Added 'Captive God' in the tools section.
  • Removed the "Known door codes" section on the Miscellaneous page. It's no longer needed since the iris door codes can be decoded with the SuperCC tool.
  • Added strangest generated base in the Miscellaneous page.
  • Corrected the color of the hand buttons on the rendered suitcase image of the introduction page.
March 31, 2007
  • FAQ no longer restricts the number of planets to 65,535 as it is possible to force a greater number of missions using tools. It now says that 9,999 missions can be played instead of 5,957.
  • Bug list from PC version of Captive said that encounters sometimes disappear while moving. This has been changed to say that it sometimes happen while they are attacking.
  • Description of encounter #34 no longer says that it punches you.
  • Money bag item said it can contain no more that 65,535 pieces. Untrue! It's 65,500!
  • Deflector Dev-Scape indicates that droids also become fully invincible when activated.
  • Swapped the Wikipedia links of "Antony Crowther" and "Captive". Not to be mean, but "Captive" should be before "Antony Crowther" :)
  • Removed irrelevant brown pixels on "Shit" droid parts.
  • Added "Dark Zone" as a reason for black cells in a mapper Optic.
  • Titlecased the menu items.
May 5, 2007
  • I got myself a new 20" widescreen display and realized how bad some pages look under that resolution. Changed a few things here and there.
  • Removed irrelevant brown pixels on movement buttons while being in space.
  • Fixed indentation for the ways to increase the skills.
  • Changed the text of the "Power consumption" inventory button color from "White" to "Beige".
  • Separated number of weapon shots in their own column.
  • Last line of weapon page is now left aligned with the rest.
  • Removed the table borders from the droid parts.
  • Specified that walls with a hand can be opened by making back droids shoot it.
June 23, 2007
  • Added an icon to the page so it shows up in bookmarks
  • Added the item "Message from Ratt"
  • Fixed a wrong statement regarding the first "four" skills representing level of items a droid can use.
  • Removed the comment about the "Map Generator" tool that said "a version using today's technology would be welcome!". It's been done with SuperCC.
  • Added a section on the FAQ page regarding the second floppy disk.
  • Fixed bad links in Weapons and Disk pages.
July 14, 2007
  • Added Michaël Châteauneuf as a site maintainer. He has provided tons of very helpful input. I can no longer take all the credit :)
  • Aligned the columns of the encounters page.
  • Added the name and "first seen" information of encounters.
  • Added columns to outside encounters.
  • Added Trill in the gallery of encounters.
  • Improved the description of the droid status buttons.
  • Added fact that you can move while being in the inventory if the sixth button of the remote cotrol is active.
  • Corrected note regarding the Fire-Axe weapon that can hit 2 tiles in front of you - All swords can do that!
  • Added maximum price amount of explosive and mine items.
  • Added fact that the type of map is the floor level is represents.
  • Removed notes about the strength level of Optics devices since they always stay at 99%.
  • Replaced example of "Zlots" with "Swords" in the description of the a shop's "Fix Item" option. Zlots can't be repaired!
August 15, 2007
  • Fixed some encounter mistakes I made about the new "Introduced" information.
  • Changed the picture of hole in floor and ceiling in miscellaneous page. Previous versions weren't clear.
  • Fixed a typo on "Thanks Mike!" like on introduction page (sorry Mike!). Whole sentence was beginning with a period (".")!
  • Couple of fixes here and there (mostly typos). Seems I'll aways find some each time I make a round :-/
  • Some places on the movements page were saying "on a planet" and some places "on land". Changed all to "on land".
  • Increased the indentation of bulleted list in Hands page. It was overlapping the menu under Firefox.
  • Improved the look of the line "...a small 's' will appear..." on the skills page by putting the 'S' with a red bacground. It's now more obvious what where talking about.
  • Removed the 3D rendering of a Dev-Scape/Optics and allow the table to use the maximum space.
  • Added the fact that a wall with a hand coming back down has a destructive effect.
  • Specified in the FAQ page that the PC version of Captive has a maximum of 256 missions.
  • Brought back the arrow in the background of the introduction text.
  • Pause buttons was saying to click it again to resume. Actually, you can click anywhere on the screen to resume.
  • Specify that Trill can only be found on space stations in encounters page.
  • Indicated the reason why there are so many bugs in the PC version of Captive in the miscellaneous page.
  • Removed some unwanted brown pixels from the image of the "Shit" droid.
September 18, 2007
  • Redid the title graphic, but you probably noticed that already :)
  • New (and long overdue) acknowledgment page for all those who helped
  • Redid all the screenshots of the encounters (thanks Michaël!)
  • Added Antony's birthday in his About page. Also mentions the hardest code to develop in Captive (the level generator) and Chris's major involvement in Captive's creation
  • Reduced the size of the solutions considered "hard to find" in the FAQ page. They used too much space for nothing.
  • Rearranged part of the menu to separate "FAQ", "Tips", "Misc." and 'Tools" from section directly related to the game ("Camera", "Walls" and "Shop").
October 20, 2007
  • New "Did You Know?" page
  • Linked names to the acknowledgements page so readers know who these people are.
  • Explain what values in parenthesis mean in the AGScan optic.
  • Removed the statement that says there are 9999 mission available. It has been proven not to be true.
November 20, 2007
  • Step by step creation of a map is now explained in 'The Map Generation' section.
  • Be more precise as to what "25 elevators maximum" means in the "Did you know?" page.
  • Add "GoBot" in the list of inspired encounters in the "Did you know?" page.
  • Clarify some bugs in the PC version.
  • Add a table in weapons page to show their accessibility related to skills.
  • Add a table in droid parts page to show their accessibility related to skills.
  • Change the strange 1234.8 base on the miscellaneous page with an even strangest one: 2640.2
  • Removed the "My Imaginary Friend" section of the miscellaneous page. It's not a weird bug after all (Michaël was right... again...)
December 27, 2007
  • Rewrote paragraph on "When does it end?" of the FAQ page, simultaneously indicating that the last mission is 2316.
  • New Bugs page. The bug list of the PC version have been moved from the FAQ page to this new page.
  • Rewrote the "I'm stuck on..." sections of the FAQ page to make it more obvious for people looking for help because of the PC bug.
  • Add arrows to navigate through each pages of the Map Generator section. Also made minor fixes to the entire section.
  • Add more info regarding disk two of the Atari ST version on the FAQ page.
  • Change images of grate traps unlocker to be in a dead end (as it should be) on the Walls page.