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Wall Decorations

Wall decorations are randomly (but still wisely) spread in the base. It's easy to simply pick a wall and assign it a decoration, but it would be a waste to do it on walls surrounded by 4 walls thus making the decoration not visible. To this, the generator makes sure at least 1 side of the wall it picks is visible.

Once found, it looks at the surrounding cells of the wall to figure out which sides of the wall are visible. Captive won't want to waste time drawing a decoration that the player will never be able to see, and it's the generator's task to tell which side is visible.

The decoration type is random between 0 and 5, except for 1 which is for the computer of laser doors.

Move the mouse pointer over the image to view the map before the change.

In SuperCC, wall decorations are identified with beige dots on walls. You might notice that power sockets were also added, and that's because these are internally considered wall decorations in Captive.