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Raiser Walls

Raiser walls are like doors with a button. The amount of attempts to create them is the same as the map number if it's below 11, but hardcoded to 20 after. They can be created on any free floor except in rooms as it would be useless to have a raiser wall in the middle of a room.

To make sure the wall has some purpose (for example, not having a raiser wall in a dead end), the generator picks a random floor cell and goes back 1 cell using the root direction. If the destination cell is not a free floor cell, it goes back 2 cells and tries again. If the cell is valid, it looks around to see if there are any doors because it would just be annoying to open a door and then have to open a raiser wall which is some sort of door.

When everything is a success, the raiser wall is added.

Move the mouse pointer over the image to view the map before the change.

In SuperCC, raiser walls are green blocks with a red dot in the middle.