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Floor Layout
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Player Starting Position
Filling the Map
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No Touch Zones
Floor Creation
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Locking Trill
Shops and Computers
Pushable Walls
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Raiser Walls
Wall Holes
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Grates and Fire Hydrants
Wall Decorations
Fake Walls and Spinners
Outside a Base

Player Starting Position

The player is always starting at the first row of the map. The column is randomly selected, but a little verification is done to ensure that the player doesn't start on the edge of a floor section. Since each floor level is separated by walls (we'll get into that on the next page), we obviously don't want the player to start in the middle of a wall.

In the case of the first map, we have previously seen that the floor layout is hardcoded to use floor sections 2, 6 and 10. Since not all first row floor sections are used, the generator cannot be allowed to randomly pick any column of the first row. For this special occasion only, column 30 is selected.

In SuperCC, the player's position is represented by a green square with a bar that indicates the direction the player is facing.