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Encounters can be placed almost anywhere as long as it's a floor free of ladders. The generator will make 300 attempts to find a suitable place for them.

The type

Each time a suitable place has been found, the generator decides the type of encounter to create. This decision is not random since the base could be filled with more encounter types than another. To ensure variety, the generator increases the type by 1 each time and wraps at 64 even though there are actually 40 encounters available.

To be accepted, the type is checked from a hardcoded table. This tables ensures that

  • the type exists (for example, its ID is less than 41)
  • it's not too early for this type (ie. creating the ED209 on the first map)
  • the type is relevant to the floor type (ie. creating a fire dragon on a floor cell that has no fire)
  • the type can exists in this current setup (not ALL types can be created simultaneously)
If not accepted, the generator increases the encounter type and tries again.

The group

The table used for encounter type specifications is read to determine the maximum amount of individuals a group of this type may have. For example, there cannot be more than one ED209 in a group. When determined, a random number of individuals respecting that limit is chosen.

If there are still base maps to give at death, the group is automatically assigned one. If a clipboard is related to the encounter, it is assigned to it and an index keeps track of the ID of the clipboard. That index increases by 1 each time a new clipboard is generated.

The table is again used to determine the average speed of the group.

The individuals

The strength of each individual is based on the current map number. The greater the number, the greater the strength. Still, the specifications table is read to give each individual a relevant strength which is slightly randomized to create variety. In the end, the generator makes sure the strength doesn't exceed 65,500.

The same type of process is also applied to the armature and skills, both with a maximum of 253.

Move the mouse pointer over the image to view the map before the change.