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Raiser wall

Opened by a button located in the middle of the wall, it automatically closes after a while. It inflicts 4 times more damage than any other type of door.

Track Balls, Hovvers, Floaters, Bugs and both Guards can open a raiser wall by shooting at it. Since their bullet must come in contact with the center part of the wall, it is necessary for them to be alone in the group in order to be centered on the tile.

A closing raiser wall will obliterate any item under it when it's closed. For this reason, a Door-Man, Brains and any encounter with a map will not walk under an opened raiser wall to ensure their clipboard will not be destroyed which would prevent their related puzzle from being solved.

A maximum of 4 raiser walls can be simultaneously opened. It is very rare that a base will have more than 4 raiser walls next to each other, but it can happen. Base 6 of mission 54 has been found to be one of them.

Wall with balls

Step right in front of the wall and click the Forward movement button with the right mouse button to push the wall forward. The game engine ensures that there's nothing important behind one of these walls, but if you decide to push the wall more than once, it is your responsability to make sure you don't block anything with it.

Wall with a hole

Click on the panel to open the hole. You can then use the Anti-Grav Dev-Scape to walk on the ceiling and use your two droids at the back to shoot encounters located on the other side of the wall. You can also charge your hand with electricity and shoot bolts through the hole with or without Anti-Grav.

Fake Wall

The screenshot shows that the droid sees a wall in front of the camera, but according to the "Mapper" Dev-Scape and the view of the camera, there is no wall. This is what we call a fake wall which is a wall the droid can simply walk through. If the droid has the "Vision Correction" Optic, fake walls do not appear.

Wall with a panel

Click on the panel to open it. It can reveal many different things, but can also be a trap to open a wall nearby which releases an encounter. To know if the wall will release an encounter, use the radar and look near your current location. If the radar indicates that there is a square nearby occupied by an encounter and that it doesn't move at all, there's a high chance that the panel will remove a wall which will release the encounter.

Wall with bars puzzle

Locate the clipboard that has the matching number to reproduce the green bars combination by clicking the bars.

Wall with buttons puzzle

Locate the clipboard that has the matching number to reproduce the blue squares combination by clicking the buttons.

Wall with a single lever

Touch the lever to activate/deactivate it. It will open a wall, remove fire or open a door. Sometimes, the lever will only work the first time it's activated (ie. it can't undo what it did)

Wall with three levers

Touch the levers until you hear a 'click' that indicates that the right combination has been found. It will open a wall, remove fire or open a door. Sometimes, the lever will only work the first time it's activated (ie. it can't undo what it did)

Wall with a hidden button

When you have stepped on a grate that has closed a wall behind you, you will be trapped in that section of the base until you have found one of these. Click on the brick to remove the wall that appeared when you stepped on the grate.

Note that for the base 2 and 3, these buttons are already pushed in when you open the cupboard and your task is to push them out by clicking on them. The purpose of this is to make it easier for beginners to understand the concept of these grate trap unlockers.

Wall with a power socket

When the mouse cursor (your leader's hand) touches a power socket, it becomes charged and can fire electric bolts to damage encounters. Power sockets can also be used to recharge the droids chest and batteries by placing them on the socket. Anything else that touches a power socket will explode.

Shootable blockage

A shootable blockage is an invisible wall that dissipates at any hit. It's easy to imagine this as being a bug, but the map generator intentionnaly creates it as a valid base element and the MapGen tool that comes with the PC version of Captive calls this element "Shootable blockage" which indirectly defines it as a destructible wall.