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Filling the Map
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Filling the Map

Up to this point, we've defined floor levels and created tables for the floor layout and floor offsets. Nothing has really been done to the map yet. Initially, the map is a huge block of walls and it's now time to fill it up. The main task is relatively easy: Go through every single cell of the map and create a standard wall. But there's a small detail that needs to be addressed.

Since all the levels of the map are layed flat next to each other, they must always be separated by walls to prevent the player from simply walking from one floor level to the next. These walls are unique in the way that they cannot be removed, replaced or altered. I call them "Unconditional walls".

While filling the map, the generator will make a verification when reaching the right or bottom edge of each floor section. For a right edge, it will compare the level of the current floor section with the level of the next floor section. If it's the same, the generator creates a standard wall, and if it's different, the generator creates an unconditional wall. The same process is done when the generator reaches the last row of a floor section by comparing the current floor level with the floor level of the section below.

In the end, we have a filled map with floor levels separated by unconditional walls.